Male infertility treatment does it work? Can male infertility be be treated? The simple answer and the most honest answer to this often asked question is that some cases of male infertility are sometimes curable.

The best place to begin before any form of male infertility treatments should begin is by seeking medical advice. However in over 85% of all cases of male infertility the reason why the man has a low sperm count or poor sperm quality is impossible to determine. The doctors calls this “idiopathic”, which simply means that they do not know.

However if your doctor has diagnosed you as having genetic defects such as – In the genetic defect Klinefelter’s syndrome, a man has two X chromosomes and one Y chromosome instead of one X and one Y. This causes abnormal development of the testicles, resulting in low or absent sperm production. Or if the male has had a severe injury to his testicles. In such cases it is virtually impossible to father a child through natural methods of procreation.

On of the most common causes of male fertility problems that can be successfully diagnosed is varicocele. It should also be noted that only a quarter of men with varicoceles have sperm production problems. In fact many men with large varicoceles have no fertility problems whatsoever. Surgery is normally recommend to remove varicoceles in men who have fertility problems. Surgery helps to increase sperm count and quality in around 30% of men. But surgery alone is often not enough because only around 15% of men achieve pregnancy of their partner after surgery.

The good news is that if you fall into the category of 85% of men who are what the doctor would class as “idiopathic” there is good chance that you can substantially improve your sperm count, volume, motility and morphology. In fact many determined and motivated men have went from having extremely low sperm counts and poor sperm quality to father children.

The successful treatment of male infertility requires the correct knowledge to overcome and treat the problem successfully. For those men that are prepared to to meet the challenge of overcoming sperm production problems there is help out there.

A successful male infertility treatment that has proven to work is the Male Fertility Regeneration Treatment Programme, which is available to the public through a simple to follow and implement Ebook course.