After a man ejaculates how long does it take for his body to produce new sperm is something that all men who are trying to improve their fertility should be aware of.

Males will start producing sperm around the age of 12-13 and once the cycle has begun a normal healthy male will be producing new sperm every day of his life.

Sperm are produced in the testicle and take about 90 days to reach full maturity. The number of sperm cells produced varies with the size of the testicles, but an average male produces about 85 million sperm per day per testicle, which decreases with age.

After the sperm have been produced , immature sperm are deposited in a receptacle called the epididymis. There, the sperm continue to mature and develop their “swimming” ability until ejaculation. Ejaculation every two or three days leads to optimal semen specimens. As the length of time between episodes of ejaculation increases, the percentage of sperm in a semen sample able to move spontaneously progressively decreases. On the flip side, repeated ejaculations at intervals of 24 hours or less may result in sperm depletion and a drop in normal sperm count by 30 percent or more.

Men who have infertility problems and are actively taking measures to naturally improve the quantity and/or quality of their sperm production are highly unlikely to see any improvement for at least 6-9months. Too many men give up too soon, when trying to improve their fertility levels. Improvement just isn’t going to happen quickly.

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